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Screw Name?

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What is the screw that holds the feed pawl retaining pin in place called? This is the screw that screws into the round thing-a-ma-jigger on top of the top cover.

I really need to know what Sarco calls them. I found several likely suspects, but don't know which is which.
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I believe you are referring to "set Screw , belt feed cover pivot" The federal stock number is 5305-558-3689, which means nothing to anybody. It is shown as item 1A of figure 5-26 in TM 9-1005-212-35 September 1965. I don't know what SARCO calls it if they have them at all. Sarco seems to assign their own name to the parts from time to time. It might possibly be what they refer to as "belt feed lever bushing nut" (catalog number A4033) but it would be best to call them to be sure.
Ref SARCO part number

I take back part of my previous reply as the Nut refered to is actually the roundthing-amabob itself I believe and not the screw. I have looked for this same part in the SARCO list myself but have never found it. You might try Gun Parts Inc.
Try Numrich gun parts, it shows they have those
parts in stock. Belt Feed Lever Pivot Set Screw.
Iteam no. 29620
hope this helps
Margaret McManhole?
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