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Second Amendment

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I finally talked my Daughter into a REAL subject for a School Report,, The 2nd Amendment!!! I have been after her for the last few years and she decided to go for it. She goes to a Christian School, so it really isn't an issue, I spoke to her teacher last week during a meeting I was having and she said it was fine. With all the forgotten things I learned in school,, finally I can help her with a school project! I'm thrilled. Don't get me wrong,,, she has grown up with firearms around,, she has heard me talk about the 2nd MANY times, and is really excited to shoot guns,,, she started around eight,, but with all the stuff kids are watching and listening to,, all the varied interests she has, I'am ecstatic she is going to explore the subject in depth.

I found this page that is chock full of quotes,,, 14 pages!

With all the talk about ammo shortages,,, this will give you some REAL ammo!
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The 2nd Amendment is about regulating PEOPLE, not ITEMS. It says a "well regulated militia", no mention of regulating the arms themselves. The big debate is about what constitutes the "militia". My 1973 Websters has 2 definitions...1 A part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergencies 2 The whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service. It would be interesting to see the definition of "militia" from a period (1700's) dictionary. What is probably more important are the supporting papers that were written at the time by the framers of the constitution (the Federalists papers? ). These explained their thoughts and intent. It is also important to remember that the amendments are not absolute. The First Amendment, free speech, does not give you the right to comit slander or liable or go into a movie theatre and shout "fire".
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