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Hello again,
I am still looking small parts for my Frankin-bren Mark II.

I know I can order from BRP, SARCO,Numrich, etc. I have scoured most places for the parts I need, with little luck.

There are a few parts available online that I need, but I prefer to buy from forum members and use money orders.

I need a locking shoulder and screw ( BRP has them, Sarco has the shoulder...I know)
I need the body pin (They have that too)
I need a rear sight assemby ( yes, those are available too)
I need the pins. screws, etc associated with mounting that rear sight ( I have the spring, but no screws etc)
I need the mag catch pin detent and spring (can't find)
I need the body pin detent and spring (can't find)
I need the barrel locking nut and sliding mag cover detents and springs. (can't find)
I need the screw that holds the legs to the MK1 bipod. (can't find)
I need the catch that goes on the spring for the MK1 bipod (can't find)

I am sure that as I proceed with this beast, I'll find more.

I may be shooting in the dark, but I thought I'd ask again.


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IMA also has small Bren parts which are always not listed on their website. Second some of the small parts may not be available loose (pins and springs) so you may have to buy the complete assembly. Recommend you buy from Brian at BRP the stuff he has. IMHO
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