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Selling lathe/mill

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I cannot find a "stuff I don't use anymore" for-sale section of this forum. Since the item is a machine (combination lathe/mill) I'm posting here.

I have a large Smithy combo Lathe/Mill that I just haven't got a use for. No matter how hard I try, I jsut can't do what I want with machines. I give up, and don't want it anymore. It's worthless to me. Maybe someone here can find it a home.

Everyting that was included with it at the time of sale, and them some, is included. I can't even begin to list it all. I'd like anyone interested to come have a look. I don't expect an offer to come site unseen.

It's just a huge waste of money to me. I'd like to get some of the money back out of it. I haven't used it much, and every time I do, all I do is ruin material. It was a little over $5,000 when I got it. I'll take $3,000. Includes every machine tool related to it that I have.

emptythemagazine at gmail dot com

I appologize to the admins taht this isn't the right palce to post, or even if they allow such things. I just hope someone can put it to use and help me get a few of my wasted dollars out of the damn thing.
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Where are you located? city state?

My be interested can you send pics with specs also location? Thanks
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