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I have a 1919 i built at the build party, and it turns out, i really have no place to shoot it now. local ranges giving me bs about it. Anyway! I have the 1919, a starline case, a case of SA ammo, a linker, 1000 links, a book, a trunion cover, a nd a headspace gauge (yea i know it doesnt work, i still have it).

The gun needs a barrel shroud screw, and the rear sight knob added, along with the RSP coated in some finish. This was built at the VA build party. Test fired and it runs flawlessly.

Im looking to trade for a semi auto rifle of some type. Or about 1200 for the entire package. I will be covering shipping, which will be a good bit depending on where its going.

Trades, looking for a semi auto rifle, must be of military pursuasion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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