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Semi Sear

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Someone tell me if this looks about right.
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if you want some answers you need to actually post the picture, I can not get it to open

hey these are like CAD drawings you'll have to export them to PDF for most folks to read them:eek:

Anyone got an editor to read DXF drawings besides me!!!

The sear looks shaped right but it may differ in dimension from the Karma, WLA and others only.

I can't get the pdf to comperss smaller than 185kb.
You can download E drawing for free,Is it just me or is the background color black? If it is you need to change it so we can see the whole pic and not a shadow with red lines around it.
I have a smaller

I have a smaller file I can email you... email me and I'll send it back to you...

It easy to post pics we can see try that and many will be happy to help . :)
Thanks Goose
Okay never mind

Here I attached it in PDF format cutting out all the extra white space. Is it me or are both files the same?
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Is 1018 cold rolled steel good enough for a sear?
Your sear will snap! You need to make some revisions. The first one is there is no radius on the back side of the sear, you need one so the sear does not hit the buffer. Mild steel works just fine.
blkbd said:
Is 1018 cold rolled steel good enough for a sear?

I would suggest something with a higher carbon content.

Thanks for all of your help guys.

This is a free viewer from Autodesk that allows you to view and plot DWG?s.

download and run. works great, but your sear won't if you use 1018.

use 4140 or 4340. these are heat treatable alloys, and should be bought in the heat treated condition with BHN about 280-300, with good tensile and impact strength. 1018 is much softer and more ductile. 1050 will shear, having high hardness, but poor impact strength
As long as the sear and the disconnector are of the same material they will work fine in mild steel. Trust me.
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