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SG-43 Guryanov receiver drawing / blueprint

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Anyone have info to share or a place to get some dimensions / numbers?
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Lots of opinions on saw cut receivers even though that was the way many were done for years.
Just scrap metal unless someone joins them together without semi mods or proper approval for a post sample.
There are still saw cut receivers floating around that were legal then and now. Its what you do with it that makes a world of difference.
If a receiver was saw cut years back and was legally destroyed then it still is today.
What dimensions are you trying to find? I dont have much info on these but it might help to post what you are looking for.

BTW I have been trying to find a rear sight. Does anyone know where to get one?

The center to center distance of the mounting holes.....
My friend is working on a KGKT and curious if the KGKT and the SG-43 hole diameter and spacing is the same. If so the KGKT mount can be used for weld positioning.
Greg Clark was a pro builder of this weapon. I suggest you buy his how to build CD

Agree with the other persons comment on $60 a bit steep without a clue whats in it.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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