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SG-43 Guryanov receiver drawing / blueprint

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Anyone have info to share or a place to get some dimensions / numbers?
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I had a topic on this a few weeks ago. The SG43 build has faded out of popularity, as has its build plans. Weaponeer.net has a small build section but they are light on critical dimensions. You can eyeball most of the build using the top cover as a guide, but you ABSOLUTELY MUST get the middle section correct for proper headspacing. Im not aware of any real blueprints or receiver drawings that are readily available. Id be happy to take pics on mine and send measurements, but be aware Im a garage builder and my results are far less accurate than a guy with a full machine shop.
Greg Clark was a pro builder of this weapon. I suggest you buy his how to build CD
60 bucks seems a little outrageous. Maybe if he showed a tidbit of what he was providing, maybe a few sample pages Id be more willing to spend the money. Regardless, If his CD is as informative as stated, It would be a wise investment.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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