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SG has these tripods on thier web site

Rock-steady support! M2 Tripod for all 1919 series Browning? Machine Guns. Weighs about 11 lbs., 14 ozs. Opens to about 34 1/2 x 34 1/2 x 30". Includes front brass ID plate.

Condition: used, in very good to excellent shape. Has been cleaned and repainted. May have minor dings. Sorry, no elevation / traverse gear. Folds for travel. Markings vary, no choice.

They do have name plates that give WWII dates, but they just do not look right to me

here is the link

My question would be is it a real WWII item and is it worth the
price considering it does not have the pindle or t&e

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ALL information is ALWAYS appreciated ALL of the time!!!!

However, Arisaka San has already (in an earlier post) identified these units to be from the following source:

(I hope that it's OK for me to re-post this info -else I ask a moderator to delete, thanks)


"SG got those referb'd M2 pods from IMA. Those are the same Pods and repro data plates that IMA has been selling for a while now.
Also, looks like SG has another amazing $100 MORE deal for theirs!

And yet another SG misleading description...

My favorite is -

"A piece of history...even includes front brass ID plate!"

Yeah a piece of recent newly Mfg. data plate history from IMA... I guess.

IMA's add -


SG - http://shop.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=282638

Same pod...


I might add that I greatly appreciate Arisaka San's help in ID'ing my M2/M122 pod!!
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