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Silver Bullet Gun Oil

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What the 9/11 Commission said does not exist... Exists.
"There is no silver bullet or decisive blow that can defeat Islamist terrorism."
Lee H. Hamilton
Vice Chairman, Sept. 11 Commission

SILVER BULLET GUN OIL, is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Counter-Islamic terrorist force multiplier. SILVER BULLET GUN OIL was designed specifically to put Demoralizing FEAR and TERROR into SUPPOSEDLY "Fearless" Islamo-Fascist terrorists. It was created with the "TRUE BELIEVER'' in mind. According to the Koran, Allah states, "Any of my followers contaminated by swine at the time of his death will be denied entry to my paradise forever, I HATE THE STENCH

HOW does SILVER BULLET GUN OIL work? SILVER BULLET GUN OIL CONTAINS 13% USDA LIQUEFIED PIG FAT. The PIG FAT is mixed with our blended, hi-grade WEAPONS OIL designed for use in ALL FIREARMS. The oil is applied to the inside of the barrel of any firearm or weapons system. When fired, BULLETS are coated with SILVER BULLET GUN OIL containing the PIG FAT.
The PIG FAT is transferred to anything the BULLETS STRIKE. The coating of OIL CONTAINING PIG FAT effectively DENIES entry to Allah's Paradise to any Islamo-Fascist terrorist KIA with a bullet coming from a firearm using SILVER BULLET GUN OIL in the barrel. SILVER BULLET GUN OIL uses the belief system of Allah's Islamo-Fascist terrorists to put fear of death into them, a fear
they haven't had until NOW.

Silver Bullet Gun Oil $8.95
Superior high quality blend for weapons lubrication.
4 oz plastic flip-top bottle. Made in the U.S.A.

SBGO Heavy Weapons $9.95
Superior high quality blend with a heavier weight. For
large caliber automatic weapons (.30-.50 CAL).
4 oz plastic flip-top bottle. Made in the U.S.A.

Contains 13% Pig Fat! Increased accuracy and reliability.

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Too bad they can't have hollow point bullets in the war, filling them with pig fat would have its up's! Wonder if they have T-Shirts with that printed on them :D Kinda like the idea...I wouldn't be affraid to wear it either.

I thought that the introduction of Hg into HP bullets would lead them terrorists straight to hell.
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