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size of barrel shroud retaining screw?

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Title saids it all, I need the size of that screw?
Thanks ahead of time.
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10/32 thread size with a 82/90 degree countersink. if you need some i have them in stock 1.00 each pm or email for more info
im here in dallas, if you need the screws you can come by and get them or we can meet. actually i live in garland on lake ray hubbard so in 15 minutes east from downtown. hope to see ya
the counter sink is the angle of the screw seat. instead of it being flat under the screw head, it is tapered to fit the appropriate counter sink that is being screwed into. if the angles are correct then you have a mating surface with alot of seating area and holding strength.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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