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size of barrel shroud retaining screw?

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Title saids it all, I need the size of that screw?
Thanks ahead of time.
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I'm back

Ya its been awhile, graduate from nursing school May 8th. I'm still out here just been real busy with school. Going to start work at a 55 bed ER here in Dallas while I still finish off my last year at American Airlines, unless they will buy me out. Missed the Indy build, wanted to go. Would have to get another 1919A4 pass TSA at the airport. Heard a little about the side plates and all, still don't understand if you do or don't have to have a 80% or 100% plate. What happens to all the 80%'s that are out there and can you still build a gun with them, what happens to the guns that were built with 80% plates? Still looking for land, haven't found that special place yet. I will have to get up to UP and see whats up there now that I'm out of school.
Thanks for yelling at me,
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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