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I think everyone remembers the scene where the Georgia Trooper lands on a semi. What everyone may not know is that was actually a Georgia State Trooper, #414 (retired) Ronnie Gay.

In case you were wondering what Ronnie has been up to lately, well for one he's been to the shop a few times and he's quite the gentleman. I happen to have a signed picture (like the one below) of that scene I remember so well as a kid. Also there's a link to a Facebook page below the photos where you'll find several behind the scenes photos that have never been released, as they were taken during filming and Ronnie literally handed them to me and simply said, "I hope you enjoy these"

Having that said, I certainly have and I hope you enjoy them too.

Gerald Schubert/On Site Machine Works,INC



Smokey and the Bandit Facebook album
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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