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so i have all this 22lr. how many fit in a 50 cal can?

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anyone ever stuff theirs in a 50 cal can?
i have a bunch of that federal bulk pack stuff and i don't want to leave it just in those little cardboard boxes. i put most everything in 50 cal cans so i figured why not this stuff too. but i don't have any more. so i need to order some. or even the 30 cal cans.

how many 22lr, loose will fit in a 50 cal can. or a 30 cal can.

anyone know or am i going to have to empty one to refill it for size test?

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I got a 5,000 round box of the thunderbolt stuff (green and yellow box) from sportsmansguide, when I got home with it, I took all the little boxes of fifty and put them all into a .50 cal can. They fit PERFECTLY to the last box.

Almost exactly 5,000 rounds, with some air to spare. Couls prolly fit more without all the cardboard and just have them loose, idk. But thats what I did...
HAHA, BA33 beat me by 2 minutes!
Nope! :D :D :D
If I were you, with that much .22, I'd store everything as is, in boxes, in the .50 cal cans and have one last .30 cal can for goin "out", full of the loose rounds. Good to go, and the rest are good to store.....
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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