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...Sokolov shield falls forward onto the barrel shroud

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...And no matter how I tighten the shield strain screw, it still does it. I remember a thread about how to cure this, but an hour spent in the archives couldn't find it. Anyone remember how ?:confused:
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...Thanks fella's. I spent all morning contemplating whether to get a Maxim kit and have Midwest finish it, but the $4k it would cost would probably break me. Yes, I plan to use a 1919 in the Sokolov and if somebody fabricates a shield-hold-up-gazinit piece, I'm up to buying it. Until then, it's probably duct tape ( But authentic, WWII RUSSIAN duct tape ) and I'll just point out to visitors how darn rare that tape is. :eek:
...And I'll tell them that only Coles has that tape ; Gary bought it from the Zhukov family at an estate sale. He'll sell it, but you gotta talk directly to him !:D
1919 4 me, yours was the first place I went to looking for the part. I've got your set-up for the MG 42 AA tripod and like it. But I found that the 100 rnd ammo box that IMA sells, the one that the pin holds to the left side of the receiver, works and looks great. All I want is a "device" that keeps the shield from flopping forward. There's got to be a heap of guys with a4's and sokolov's that need the same thing ( hint hint ). A guy like me, with 5 thumbs on each hand, oughtn':rolleyes: t to be fabricating anything himself.
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