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Kit is SOLD!!!

Putting up for sale my one and only UK/ VZ-59 parts kit. Very few of these have come into the US and were bought up within a week of being offered.

One of a few imported beltfed kits that is designed for 7.62 x 54R.
The PKM was another one with prices well over $2,000.00 for those.

Best to look up the VZ-59 on the net or Small Arms of the World for detailed information.

The receiver and op rod is very similar to a slightly down sized Bren. The belt feeds from R-L w/ camming area on the op rod/ carrier actuating a external belt feed mechanism. These is a very un-usual and clever designed weapon.

The kit is in excellent cond w/ some parts like new. Looks like the parts came from individual part pins to assemble the kits as finish on parts doesn't always match.

There is a area on the receiver were a plunger and spring mechanism w/ have to be repaired or not. To remove the barrel, a small plunger has to be pulled back w/the nose of a cartridge. Then the barrel locking ring has to be rotated via the raised feed cover.
The plunger that must be pulled back to rotate the bbl lock ring was welded stationary will a small spot of weld. It seems the issuing .gov did not want the bbl's removed from these weapons. The weld was cut through will a small cut off wheel in order for the bbl to be removed for demil operations.

The plunger piece will have to be rebuilt or the assembly re-assemled and welded back like it was.

The kit has the 3 cut receiver included.

The kit comes w/a 50 rnd belt and a weapon mnt'd assault hopper for belt.

Extra belts and large cans should still be available through Gun Parts Corp.

Price for the kit is $830.00 S&I'd via UPS. I will accept up to 4 monthly payments on the kit by Ck or MO as I can't do CC's or PP.



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Being part czech, I'm quite interested in this gun.

My bolt action rifles aren't eating up my 7.62x54R rounds that fast. ;)
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