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Something terrifying happened to me today.
I've been feeling bad for a couple of days, picked up a nasty head cold/sinus infection and it isn't getting any better, so I decided to hit the sawbones in hopes of getting some med's to kick the cold in the arse.

I was driving through a small town that I wasn't familiar with looking for the address of the Doc's office. (I'm working away from home hence the unfamiliarity with the town).

All of a sudden a wave of nausea overtook me, it was bad, the kind of bad that you get when you drink way to much and you see the flashers in the rearview, the kind of feeling that you have and you know no matter how much you try you're not going to be able to control your own bodily functions. I don't now how but somehow I was able to keep everything down. Thank God, I mean the last thing I wanted to do while driving is horf all over the inside of my truck, not to mention me too.

Then the smell hit me..... I hadn't been able to smell anything for a couple of days due to the cold but man I could smell this. Nasty stinking odor like burning sulfur, a stench more so than a smell really, the kind your Priest would tell you about when he was trying to literally scare the hell out of you! No wonder I was trying to be sick to my stomach, man this was bad!

Then out of nowhere a chill ran down my spine, the kind of terrifying chill that mother nature engrains into your soul, the kind that kept man alive for thousands of years when it was pay attention to this or your gonna die chill! The kind that signals you when your in the presence of pure evil.

And there it was, the reason for the nausea, the stench, the chills, suddenly it all made sense.
I wasn't sick, it wasn't the flu or food poisoning or any of the other things that ran through my mind in a matter of seconds when all of those terrifying things washed over me.
There, was the reason for the horror I was feeling....... Bill Clinton was only a few feet away from me walking into a building to give a campaign speech for Hillary. I saw him with my own eyes, it was just a glimpse of him from the back, but believe me that was enough.
I'm still not feeling well.....
Pray for me, won't you?

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The things you see when you don't have a gun! What you were probably smelling was his pheremones! Are you sure that wasn't a brothel he was going in? It's a good thing it wasn't her you probably would have lost it completely!
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