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Here are 2 items every 1919 owner should have. If you have just bought a kit or have had a 1919 for awhile.

First is the CD: Base Shop Data Manuals, U.S. Browning Machine Guns.

Their is a wealth of information in here on the BAR, .30 and .50 cal guns. Rebuilding info, part descriptions and part numbers. Also what to look for on each part to determine its servicability These manuals cover the rebuild process from start to finish.

The second is Orins CD: Browning M1919 Drawings.

This CD has EVERY single drawing of the A4 and A6. Even if you never make a single part yourself. Use these drawing to check your parts to see if they are to print or if you need to know a thread size or whatever. Also there is a lot of assembly information as far as finishing dimensions. What I mean by this is there was a lot of file work involved in the finished gun after it was riveted together. This is the place to find that information.

You all spend hundreds even thousands on this hobby. Make these CDs one of the first things you buy, you will thank yourself for doing so.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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