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It seems most people just buy kits and not much of individual parts like Lockframe, Bolt and/or Barrel Extension.

This got me wondering...

1 - Other than the general small parts how many spare Lockframes, Bolts and/or Barrel Extension do you keep? (I had one lockframe break and had to get another.)

2 - Do you purchase them complete or just the Lockframe itself?

3 - How sells these?

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I've got a spares:
1 Bbl extension
1 Lock Frame
1 Bolt (complete)
2 extractors
1 KMP sear
1 KMP trigger
3 Accelerators
1 firing pin
1 Sear Spring
2 belt-feed pawls (upper and lower sets)

I bought most over time and not all at once. Kinda gets expensive that way!

So far, the extractors and accellerators are what has caused me the grief. I broke a KMP sear some years ago, and as usual, Tomt jumped all over it and simply swapped it out no questions asked. I just don't like to have to stop shooting due to a breakage!!!
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