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*SPF* :(2) 1919 80% plates, Daves100 & BrassCtg

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I have 2 extra rsp's for sale....please post here if you want to purchase either of these and follow up with an email...thanks!

1) Daves100 - * SFP to dbush * Engraved with Saginaw Browning Semi-Auto. This plate has a slight bend along its length. This is the way I received it and seems to be common based on other post here. Anyway, I have another that is flat and I'm going to use it...so this one is for sale at $79 shipped.

2) Brass Cartridge - * SFP to dbush * - Non-engraved. This is one from the first batch and I have since purchased another with engraving....so, this one is for sale for $79shipped also. This is a nice, straight and flat plate.

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A smoking deal:D
I will take the Brass plate! Email me with info.
Thanks Darrell
dbush..the BC plate is yours. I was unable to send you an email through the boards, so I sent a PM.

I will take the Daves plate also,.
Thanks Darrell
Thanks Darrell, you've got them both. I just sent you an email with payment info and we can just make the total $150 shipped for both.

Thank you,
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