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Stemple Take Down Gun

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Ok, as has been posted by a couple of folks on here, I've been wanting a full auto for a long time, but cost has always be prohibitive for anything worth owning.

Basically, if it wasn't a MAC 10 I couldn't even hock the dog and the Mrs to own it.

I've been looking at this Stemple Take Down setup I've been seeing in Shotgun News over the past year.

Looks like you could get the basic gun, and then add ons to make it look like any one of several different guns.

Anyone know anything about this?
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Go to brpguns.com and look at the website. I don't believe you can reconfigure the receiver into different guns. It will be what it is built as. I think he called it a takedown to keep ATF happy that he wasn't modifying the original receiver. He had a heck of a piece at KCR that used an MG34 grip assembly. It is still, however, an open bolt tube gun. For the price you can get a Sten (low 4K) and an M11/9 (3K). With the Lage upper and other upcoming stuff the M11/9 is a very good start in Class III.
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