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Stencil Help!

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Howdy Pards!
I'm just about finished with my 1919 transit chest, my question is, I'd like to make it look authentic, so where can I get a stencil for the info on the outside of the transit chest??
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Try here on Jon's site. Look around and you'll find a saginaw font and a browning font.


You can download a number of stencil fonts from the internet. Using MS Word, you can expand the size, then print on card stock. Then with an Exacto you can cut the stencils. If you want an easier solution, any sign and graphics shop can make custom cutout stencils on card or mask sheet.
let me know what you want the stencil to say and I can cut it out for you, I have an old military stencil cutting machine.

Where can I see a photo of the correct way to stencil the case?
Howdy NFAman!
Great Pard! THanks! I just sent ya a "PM"
what should the stencil say? I'm not sure?? ANYBODOY KNOW?????
"Big Ed"
But what size do you need????
I have 3 real govt stencil cutters in sizes 1/4 " 1/2" and 1" Gothic Style
We use them all the time to stencil military vehicles.
I can cut what anyone needs for 25 cents a letter on Oil/Stencil Board
and the stencils are reusable.
If you need a long sentence I can do it a little cheaper as cost covers
intitial setup and cost of stencil board.

I've been lurking on this forum for a while and have been ready to
post but this one made me finally do it.

Located New England. Good ebay feedback for selling
Write me at [email protected]
if anyone needs some stencils

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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