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Super Deal on Factory Loaded 30.06 w/ Cloth Belt

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You get a 250 round cloth belt loaded w/ ammo for $60. Figure the new belt is worth about $30, so that's about .12 cents a round. The ammo is corrosive.


British manufacture Belted .30-06 FMJ Ammo, 24? / RD.!

Only found here! This is genuine canvas Linked .30-06 Ammo for the Browning? 1919/1917. I uncovered a very small quantity of this rare .30-06 Ammo, and I bought up the whole shebang. Late '60's manufacture, with a "K" headstamp. 150-gr. full metal jacket bullet. Brass-cased, corrosive, Berdan-primed and non-reloadable. Muzzle Velocity: 2,910 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 2,829 ft.-lbs.

Fire away at this rare opportunity! Order yours ONLINE today!

250-rds. Linked .30-06 FMJ Ammo

WAS $74.97

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I wonder how much he had to pay his staff of trained monkeys to remove all the tracer rounds?
I didnt even bother looking for them on the site because like MANY other people I am all done with Sportsmans Guide.
SG Coupons ?

Can somebody tell me where I can get some of their coupons ?


Bossman said:
Can somebody tell me where I can get some of their coupons ?


Search Google or:
Anyone used any of this 30-06 ??

I am not sure but I remember reading some where in the past in the American Rifleman magazine that headstamped "" K "" ( KYNOCH) ammunition was found to be bad-- Seems the brass became brittle after about 10 years and there was a safety warning printed after a bunch of rifles were damaged by split cases-- Mainly the dreaded head split !! Anyone used this stuff ?? Anyone else remember this incident??
I love it Berdan primed "non-reloadable" hahaha. "K" or "KA" sounds like korean stuff. ouch .24 cent each, well i guess if the belt is any good you could reload it later with cheaper ammo.
Two belt's

Ordered two belts last night..I will let you guy's know what it look's like when I get it...GUNNER 50
I have to agree with Chad G.

There hasn't been any English KYNOCH 06 available for some time.
That "K" 30-06 they offer is Korean. Clean for corrosive and you should have no problem.
(I believe the "PS" marked Korean is Non)

SG has been offering this de-belted tracer stuff for a little while now,
Though i haven't heard any reports on it recently.

Let us know GUNNER 50! :D
Headstamp markings--

I would have to dis-agree with this ""K"" Id; as far as i am privy all of the Korean ammo I have seen is marked something like ""PS"" Standing for "Poon Sang"" But I am not sure of that for sure. Easy way is for everyone to look at their korean ammo and do a headstamp report on it; better yet, a database should be created on this board so guys know what ammo they are buyiong and what headstamped lot numbers are troublesome--- ""K"" is Kynoch according to references in the American Rifleman; but I can't find the article-- Here is a link to an ammunition collection page I believe-- The original reason I asked and forgot to include is whether this is ""K"" or ""1K"" ammunition !! here is the link;

The http://p223.ezboard.com/bcurioandrelicfirearmsforum there should be an abundance of questions about headstamps. GO here http://www.igman.com/ammunition/codes/ looks like a several page list of headstamps, KA is USA, not Korean as SG stated. Im not perfect even I make mistakes.
KA is made in Korea and definately corrosive. I shoot the stuff that comes in bandoleers in my Garands.
OK, I must correct myself too.
Doing a bit more research, that looks like a British made belt at SG.
The end tabs give it away.
I know that the Brits had their own make of 1919 Cloth belts.. so something tells me that it may be what oldtirediron suggest.

Here is what i Believe is a Brit 1919 belt.

GUNNER 50, let us know if the belts you get have the same markings as the one above.

As far as K head-stamps, according to another link -


K - Karlsborg Arsenal, Karlsborg, Sweden

K - Kirkee Arsenal, Poona-3, Kirkee, India

K - Kynoch Factories, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., Birmingham, England

K - Kaunas Arsenal, Kaunas, Lithuania

KA - Pusan Government Arsenal, Pusan, Republic of Korea

K-1 - Unknown Factory, Republic of Korea (probably the Army Arsenal in Dongrae before it was purchased by PMC in 1982)

So who's to say what it really can be.. For what it's worth from SG's past reputation on their past descriptions, I'd take it with a grain...but I DO believe now, that if it's in Brit belts it's probably KYNOCH.
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Did anyone happen to notice that with every fifth round removed thats only 200 rds not 250. And that comes to nearly .30 cents per round ( 29.98) not 24 as stated in the ad.

I don't think they can import tracer ammo. I beleive it is prohibited by the 1968 Firearms act but I could be wrong. Maybe it's only incindiary rounds. Still the cost of a used belt is about $20.00 and that would bring the cost per round to about .20 (19.98) cents.
I picked up on this deal last month when they first ran it.
I ordered 4 belts for a total of 1000 rounds.
I received 4 belt's with every 5th round missing for a total of
800 round's.
I called Sportsmans Guide and they sent me another 200 round belt.
All's well that end's well.

I was questioning that in my mind too - I ordered some, and it was advertised as 250 rounds, so I will definately ask for satisfaction if they didn't refill the missing loops.
I received my order today - and yes there were 50 rounds missing from each belt. I called CS and got a bit of a run around saying that's the way it was supposed to be. After a little intense pointing out of the 250 rounds caption in the sale window theydiscussed it a liilte more. Still not wanting to admit fault they told me to send it back with the return label they would send. I pointed out that this was rediculous and unsatisfactory for me to have to go through all of that because of their error. As it stands right now they are going to check their supplys, count the rounds in each belt (duh.......250 round belt minus every fifth round = ????) find out what they may have done wrong, and then get back to me.......I requested an email reply as I'm leaving town for a bike trip to Tennessee and who knows from there - ten days of weather and scenery! Ahhh.........

Anyhow - that's my report for the day - over and out.....

Pics added to show headstamps.....


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I just got my belt's, same thing..I will be calling them later..I will let you know what thay say..But the belt's look great..the ammo is not as bad of condition as I though it would be..It's a damn shame thay had to f--k up the order.,or I would have been happy with them.
That is kynoch ammo !!

Be very careful with this stuff ! I know it was blowing heads like crazy when it was around about 10 -15 years ago-- Even that joint in Joliet illinois; PARAGON; printed a disclaimer on it !!
Headstamp Picture please !!

Someone who has this stuff please post a picture of the markings!! Hate to get browbeaten if it is not Kynoch !
leave it up to brassmagnet

I don't own a camera..And I don't know how to post pic's..So I will leave it up to brassmagnet.
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