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swallowing my pride

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i detest to, but i think i must....

i need help

when firing pistols i am invariably a touch low and left, when switched to rifles i am assuredly a touch low and right. should i concentrate i am in the 10 ring, but when time is of the essence i am always a little low and off to either side. what am i screwing up to get the same results everytime? the truly discouraging factor is no matter what the distance to target i repeatedly punch the 4 or 8 oclock section of the 7 or 8 ring. and the issue seems to exacerbate with respect to barrel length (more to the point lack there of)
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One thing that a crusty old mentor taught me with is loading my mags up with a few selected rounds that had NO powder OR primer. Just a case with a bullet so it would feed in automatics. You will see just how bad the problem is when you are anticipating the *BANG* to happen. I've used that trick on several people so they could see where they were pulling or pushing.
that is a pretty fantastic idea. i will have to try that.
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