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T&E ID and parts question

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I recently bought a package on ePay with a pintle and a partial T&E mechanism (for $75 delivered). The pintle is fine and fits my M2 tripod great.

Can someone tell me whether this is a 50-cal or 30-cal T&E? Also what parts are missing? I know the hook that goes over the crossbar is missing…how many other parts? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Can someone tell me whether this is a 50-cal or 30-cal T&E?

The portion of the T&E that you have is for either the .30 or the .50.
The differance is the "saddle" that sits on the tripod crossbar. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (and I know you will :p ) the .30 fits a 5/8" crossbar and the .50 is for a 7/8" crossbar. Good luck on finding a "saddle" on the loose there don't seem to be many around.
Mouse ....the Acme threaded portion is different on the T&E's.... .30 cal being slightly smaller....
Len, not to say that you're wrong but are you 100% sure? I thought the only difference was the saddle????
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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