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T&E ID and parts question

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I recently bought a package on ePay with a pintle and a partial T&E mechanism (for $75 delivered). The pintle is fine and fits my M2 tripod great.

Can someone tell me whether this is a 50-cal or 30-cal T&E? Also what parts are missing? I know the hook that goes over the crossbar is missing…how many other parts? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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...slightly different...

The portion of the T&E that you have is for either the .30 or the .50.
The differance is the "saddle" that sits on the tripod crossbar. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (and I know you will :p ) the .30 fits a 5/8" crossbar and the .50 is for a 7/8" crossbar. Good luck on finding a "saddle" on the loose there don't seem to be many around.
Mouse ....the Acme threaded portion is different on the T&E's.... .30 cal being slightly smaller. The saddle on the .30's fit a 3/4" cross bar while the .50 cal. is fully 1" dia. Sent this gentleman a message to measure the thread dia. and I might have the parts to complete it for him. Mouse is right....parts are difficult if not impossible to find for either the .30 or .50 T&E's.....
...pretty sure...(?)

Mouse....last time I checked was when I had some extra .50 stuff and wanted to complete some incomplete .30 T&E's. The Acme threaded portion was different size between the two types. I thought they were the same also....but I was incorrect. Thats why I have some extra parts for each type....more .50's than .30's.
...looks like .50 cal. thread...

Just measured my .50 T&E. Yours seems to be just like it...within a couple .000's. So you need a .50 cal. T&E body. Call Numerich...they have some parts. Unfortunately,the .50 cal and .30 cal threaded parts are not interchangeable. Wish they were..... The upper portion with the cross pin is the same for both and will fit the .30 cal or .50 cal guns OK.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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