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T slot cutter

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Where is the best place to get the carbide t slot cutter to mill the bolt? There almost $100 in the MSC catalog. 1/2" diameter 1/16" width and 1/4" shank? Thanks
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The last one and the only one I did I used a 1/2" dia. 1/16" width with a 1/8" shank HSS cutter. I got it done but I don't think it would survive another. I Know a bigger shank would help but carbide would be nice If I could find one cheap enough. Thanks for the help
t slot

I also will cut the slot the slot in your bolt for $20 plus $5 shipping if that helps.
Thats cheaper than the cutter and I hear you do great work, but being a machinist I would like to do the cuttin myself. Sending it your way would probably be the smart thing to do. thanks
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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