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Nice idea ,, won't happen because the people that hand out the money scim off some for them selves in the form of salary....... the more on the dole, the more power and influence they have. hence a disinsentive to get people off the dole. here in the "golden state" if we cut out the middle mismanagers types out of welfare system then each dodo on the dole would get aprox $30,000 per yr in cash. the diff between that and the amount they do get each wk is admin costs...... :eek: (info on welfare costs came from a SF newspaper of all places) my last GF , a adoption attuorny from NYC blurted out " Ithink welfare people should HAVE to Do something for it! " then clapped a hand over her mouth and said" I can't belive I said that, I'm turning in to a republican!!!!!!" nothing like having half your income stolen to change your mind.........;)
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