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Thanks Guys.............

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Just joined the sight and wanted to introduce myself. I?ve been a gun enthusiast all my life. I?m an avid hunter, shooter, reloader and collector. I purchased my first belt feed about two years ago and couldn?t be happier. I built my first AK last year and I?m currently on build #4.

About 8 months ago a friend introduced me to your web sight and the idea of building my own 1919. At the time I was already looking for something more economical to shoot. I have since purchased a kit from OOW, side plate from Brass Cartridge and a Black Bear rivet set. I got my internals machined and I have the trigger and sear ready to go. Haven?t started building yet, still finishing some other projects. I?m hoping to get started this month.

The main reason I joined was to thank all you guys for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge with new comers like myself. I know what it?s like to struggle through a build learning all the lessons the hard way. Thanks to you guys tips and tutorials I know this build will be much smoother.

Thanks again??.:)

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I echo the above. Thank you all for maintaining such a wealth of knowledge on one site.
I'm pretty new here too, and get to pick up my ORF 1919a4 this Friday.. I thought about building a kit, but decided that having a gun that was built by a reputable builder would make it easier for me to "prove" that I wasn't doing anything nefarious considering that I live in CA.

I appreciate all the helpful information that's been shared with me since I jumped in with both feet!
Thanks Mark..............


I can certainly understand buying the manufactured gun. I lived in California for a couple of years back in the 90's. It's wasn't great back then but I'm sure that's nothing compared to the restrictions now. I would probably do the same if I were still there.

I feel for you man.......
Welcome aboard and happy shooting.
Well come;; we are all friends here

Welcome, and say goodbye to any income(disposable or not).:D

Jump in....the waters just fine....

Welcome to the world of 1919/1917 belt feds. Hope you will have as much fun as most of us do. It is especially gratifying to learn that everyone will help with any problems you might encounter.....alll one needs to do is ask. I have learned a lot and always will try to help out whenever I can......

to the pit! It's an absolute blast! :D
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Welcome aboard! I'm a relative newbie as well, having recently finished my first build. There are alot of good folks with tons of good info here.
Cam- Welcome to the brotherhood! I think you will find that building your 1919 is as much fun as shooting it will be.

And Slick- I don't know if you are in No Cal or So Cal, but we will do another So Cal building party in the fall. Get yourself a kit and we'll show you how much of the fun you are missing. ;) We have guys that drive down from the north to attend.

Thanks for the encouragement and support. I look forward to many new friendships. :D

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