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I’m just curious. Why don’t we hear from these powders? Is it just easier to use what’s been used before? Do these not work as well?
All are between i3031(#79) and i4064(#95)

Viht N133(#80)-right under i3031 on hodgdon burn chart.
(TAC, 8208, h4895) these get used. I’ve done a search and have found use.
Viht n530
Viht n135
Reloader 12
And the last two,...I’ve done a search and have found use by members,...
(i4166, i4064)

Could availability have something to do with the M14 having little to do with these “silent powders”?
Do people just trust what the gubment has done with research and testing during ammo development when choosing a powder?

Just a “drive by” question to fulfill a curiosity.
Thanks y’all.

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...timeless question...

Most reloaders,who have been reloading for over 20+ yrs, usually stick with the cheapest and most available powders.

A bit of history is appropriate here. Apparently,the mil-spec powder by DOD for our .223 was the AA#2230. Winchester won a massive contract for this cal and had to either buy the powder from Accurate Arms...or buy the company out. They bought Accurate Arms about 2010 (?). About the same time Hodgdon's bought out IMR (DuPont) powder Co. Then Hodgdon bought Winchester. That is most probably why Accurate Arms powders were so hard to find afterwards for a time. Also,AA powders were produced by Lovex...a Chech powder Co. at that time. There is only 1-American Co....Alliant...that is not controlled by Hodgdon Powder Co.

So...Alliant still produces their Unique,2400,Bullseye,blue dot,red dot,green dot,etc. and has been for over 60+ yrs. Most older reloaders still use these powders and really don't see the need to change. Newer reloaders are looking for cleaner,newer,less smoky powders and have turned to the newer powders you listed. And many producers have made their new powders as ball powder,which measures a lot easier and burns cleaner than the older powders made from the vast quantity of bulk cannon powder from WW2,Korea and 'Nam.
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