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Thinking of selling 1919 stuff

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I've got a lot of 1919 A4 stuff that I'm thinking of selling but can't decide whether to sell as a "lot" or the PIA of peiceing it out. Whats the best way to do it? the list looks like this

Valkery 1919A4 runs flawlessly .308 w/ops manual
vickers tripod with 1919 adapter (holds can with the lid off)
Badger bob repo M2 tripod
pintle ?manufacture
Izzy .30/.50 cradle w/large pintle
replica wood shipping gun crate
5 new&used 100 rnd belts
multi tool
muzzle bearing socket
headspacing tool
broken case extractor
1918 steel belt loader (in belgium ammo can nont orig case)
1919A6 USGI lightweight barrel 30-06

Also have a 3 time oversized 1919 national guard trainer with belt and 3 cartridges

If your interested in the package PM me, I'm in New Mexico 87121 for shipping info.

might take a nice standard M1a in part trade.

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Would be interested in the 30/50 cradle if you decide to part it out.
T&E here! PM sent!
1919 stuff:

I think you would get a lot more if you sold it off seperatly. Most people would only be interested in certain pieces. To get the MOST, you should auction the pieces off one at a time. You could use gunbroker, or just offer them to the highest bidder, HERE! People could e-mail you their bid to you, and you could accept the highest bid or pass!! GOOD LUCK, dellque
I agree with dellque to sell the items separately, but auction is not encouraged in any forum.

Just set a price for each item shipped within the 48 states. Pictures would be great. I would post the pictures on tinypic.com and Insert Image here.

I will take the cloth belts. Send me a pm with your price.

i agree as well. i would be intrested in a couple items if i knew what the prices were. i would not want to insult anyone with my cheep offers.
Thanks for the info. I will be deciding in the next couple days. Then repost.


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