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This is not your AR15 ,

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Robinson M96 ,Barrels for caliber conversions , Stoner M63 fluted type barrels and Knight Rails.
This is the Factory rifle ,it was discontinued for now, because of other projects ,but is due to start back soon.
The rifle is labor intensive to build , it is all SS ,and it was costing more to build than your AR market prices could bring.

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sign me up for a belt fed kit also , I have just about every m96 acc except a belt fed conversion , would love one to set next to the m60 and m249.
This is a M63 Rifle ,it was converted to a Belt Feed by Volmer ,the guy who does the HK91s Nice , he was able to do this through the replacement of the mag well with a starter tab roller system like he uses on an HK.
The story is it was done for a PD ,and the girl is related to the Chief.

I am almost positive thats Mongos wife(or girlfriend ) and an original stoner, not an m96 robinson
mr fixit is correct, I just looked all these pics over in paintshop so I could blow them up and all of them except the first pic are original stoners not robinson m96. The lower is a dead give away.
These are Cadillac Gage M69W's and are owned by my employer, predating the Robinson gun by nearly 40 years.

The ONLY Robinson M96 is the first picture in this thread, the rest are all Stoner 63's.


This whole thread smells bad.

I thought that paneling looked like the pics I have seen from KAC
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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