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This is not your AR15 ,

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Robinson M96 ,Barrels for caliber conversions , Stoner M63 fluted type barrels and Knight Rails.
This is the Factory rifle ,it was discontinued for now, because of other projects ,but is due to start back soon.
The rifle is labor intensive to build , it is all SS ,and it was costing more to build than your AR market prices could bring.

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These pictures are of REAL Stoner 63A machine guns and are not Robinsons M96:

This picture is of a Stoner 63 early version and is also not a robinson gun.

If you were told that they are Robinson's then you have been lied to. I own a Stoner 63A and they are easy for a Stoner owner to know the differences.
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BTW here is a picture of my gun with an AAC 416SD suppressor on it.

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This is a M63 Rifle ,it was converted to a Belt Feed by Volmer ,the guy who does the HK91s Nice , he was able to do this through the replacement of the mag well with a starter tab roller system like he uses on an HK.
The story is it was done for a PD ,and the girl is related to the Chief.


This guy is full of **** and you need to tell him so. That video is mine and of my gun. The girl has no relatives that are police officers and her name is Monica.

Do not deal with the guy that is giving you this load of bullshit.
Here are some other pictures taken that day of Monica shooting. This is for further proof that it is my video and gun in the picture.

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I just don't want to see people swindled with my pictures or videos. I can understand a misunderstanding.

If you want a Bipod, there is one for sale on gun broker. It is slightly damaged but serviceable and $900 less than an undamaged one.

As for the M96, the only parts that will interchange between it and an original Stoner 63A is the butt stock (maybe the pistol grip too but I have heard two different views on this). No other part will interchange. When Robinson was first being designed, I was hoping that they would have more parts that interchanged (the owner of Robinson Arms owns a real Stoner 63A). Unfortunately nothing but above will interchange. I would like to see the pictures of the dressed M96 made to look like Stoners, every attempt I have seen does not come close (to me at least).

BTW I paid $12,000 for my Stoner when I bought it. They go for well over $85K depending on accessories.

You can see some video of my gun firing (better than the previous one) at the 58 sec mark in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdXw-xRKdmU
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But I think we're missing the really important question here...

Is Monica single??? :D
She was several years ago. I have lost track of here and do not know now.
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