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This is not your AR15 ,

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Robinson M96 ,Barrels for caliber conversions , Stoner M63 fluted type barrels and Knight Rails.
This is the Factory rifle ,it was discontinued for now, because of other projects ,but is due to start back soon.
The rifle is labor intensive to build , it is all SS ,and it was costing more to build than your AR market prices could bring.

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M96 custom rifle on top , M96 custom BF conversion on bottom.
Both of them in 308 , the stocks were custom made for these rifles.
The top cover on this BF was made by HR Donaldson , to get a lower profile.

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Bren kit , the handle is off a Stoner M63 , and the sights are from Yankee hill.

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M96 custom BF with Stoner parts , made to be as close to a M63 as possible.
The two guns are hard to tell apart anyway ,but collectors can tell.
The trick was to get the stoner top cover to fit ,some surplus M60 parts were used.
The M96 recever is used most all the time for these builds , A Stoner recever is a class 3 FA and not cheap.
223 BF uses the SAW links 308 uses the M60 links

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Oh crap no ,the first one is a full kit , mine looks like it but i but i don't have those top two barrels sight block or that top rail that is on the full rail on the receiver. That rail is for level 3 NV. It was late and i wanted to show you guys what a neat rifle this is.top barrel is 5.56 1x7 twist the next down is 308 made by Douglas as exact copy of a M63 fluted . next down i do have its 7.62 x39
and the last is 223 1x9 twist . I am piecing my kit together ,those barrels are
$325.00 each with the gas blocks , tubes & pistons. The mag adapter is $150.00 , a caliber conversion can run you $800.00 depending on how fancy you want it to be. I just thought my 1919A4 was a money pit :eek:
the other pics belong to a guy helping me with mine ,he owns a real M63 and if i ask him what he paid he says to damn much.Remember a M63 reviver is only going to be Class 3 ,and no one is going to weld it for you to be SA because they are rare ,and lots of $$$$$$ ,and the M96 is out there for that.
Robinson stopped building them he says for other projects ,but i think sometimes it was when the guns stopped coming ,it got rid of the guys who didn't understand these rifles are like our 1919s ,and they appeal to guys know what they want. He could not sell these for $1,300.00 and compeat with the AR crowd . When he knew i had one he was open to what ever i wanted but he cant sit on the phone all day with a guy telling him he wont pay over 1300 for it or he would get an AR. He is re tooling with equipment just to make this rifle again and all the stuff you see those others with.
When you go on the web and they tell you its discontinued and how crappy that was its because those guys dint even own a rifle and gripe about anything . Its to calm it down and re introduced at the base price of 1800 ,to 2200 ,with options included. That isn't bad ,a Fulton or LRB M14 is 2200.
After the announcement about the production stop ,guys were dumping then NIB on GB for 1200 ,with no bids ,Me and my buddy's snatched them up and we were getting laughed at.
Then the H&K ,M14 , purist got wind of it and then bid wars started ,now they are around 1600 to 1800.
I only posted this because you guys are purist ,and this is an awesome rifle.
M!s excluded ,this is the last of the all steel construction rifles made anywhere. The H&K guys know it , parts and accessories are not hard to find
and if you read that parts from the M63 wont fit ??
Thats to keep morons from doing dumb crap , you guys know what i mean lets just leave that alone ,it was another reason the gun was discontinued.
I didn't mean to go long again ,i was just letting you guys in on what may be a good deal right now.
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Now i have your attention , this is a M96 -A1 belonging to the guy who got me into them . The BF kit he has is the current kit offered ,it is a pin/bolt on kit.
5.56 ,with cans , this guy got all of the other stuff used from a purist ,trying to buy a real FA M63 ,and needed the money .
The butt stock on the gun is the dead give away ,Stoner's butt stock has the sling swivel on bottom .M96 is on the side and is laying there .
The mag pouches ,carry handle ,butt stock are the only stoner parts in this pic. I shot this gun ,and like my 1919 if you ever do your hooked.
Some guys buy one ,and get all the stuff to go with it and sell all their ARs, L1A1 ,and just keep these.
I don't think i would go that far , these are way hard on keeping any ammo on hand.

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This is a M63 Rifle ,it was converted to a Belt Feed by Volmer ,the guy who does the HK91s Nice , he was able to do this through the replacement of the mag well with a starter tab roller system like he uses on an HK.
The story is it was done for a PD ,and the girl is related to the Chief.

These were the photos in links that was sent to me from what this man Donaldson who has built these type rifles before out of a 96.
He gave me the links to go to,and faxed us the description of rifles he had made for people out of different parts and rifles and links to illustrate what he could do with a 96.
His fax wasn't clear in the description of the guns as to the photos on the links.
I emailed him about why he said the one link was a converted 96 with a M63 manual in the back ground.
He finally wrote me back and said he sent the links to show me the original guns and that he meant he has made rifles like this out of a 96 before.
I know he has because i was given his name by a guy who has one of his BF guns , and told me he makes them as close as possible to these photos.
He was going to send me a catalog when he got home , with his photos and i will post them then.
I didn't post on this anymore because i understood from his fax that these were the guns , but like you i didn't think something fit.
But i have never seen a M63 except behind glass ,and he said the two pages explaining the 96 conversions to look like these originals, i didn't get.
My fault ,i will post the others when they arrive .
The you tube says M63 , and he referenced it also, but the Mpeg he emailed me so i could see his gun, was with a girl also and had only that description, and it wouldn't open so i didn't know one from the other.
Hes in Singapore right now he works for GE ,and was writing off a lap top.
I should have put that these were pics for me to see what he can make .
The BF 63 threw me because the 96 i saw in Houston looked just like it and made me want one. Donaldson remembered the gun and sent me to that photo and the two missing papers explained what was 63 and 96 parts in the one he makes.
Sorry guys i should have waited , but this stuff is available if you have the 96 and the money.
Guys were writing me on another site and wanted pics and where to get them done , and they had seen the modified 96 rifles also, and didn't know who was doing this.
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I emailed him that like i said , and i am missing pages that he sent me and he referenced this ,you tube, as a video of a belt feed 63 just like it says.
And he sent me an Mpeg from his own collection saying that it was a gun he had built for LE use being shot by the buyers daughter.
That Mpeg didn't come up and the text was right under the one of yours , so it looked like it was legit from the pics on other sites i had seen of peoples guns he had built to be a look alike 63.
He isn't full of it , he is at work and i emailed him and he wrote back and i should have snapped because whole sentences were missing in my inquires.
OH nice to meet you Mongo , you have quiet a following , even this guy labeled you as one of the best if i needed any advice about an M63.
One guy said you may be one good source for bypods ,stocks , and accessories that could be made to fit the M96.
All of them say the M96 was a good ,cheap starting point to try and build a look alike clone of the Stoner and it was already a semi auto receiver. And if you could even find a stoner receiver it would be crazy to mess with it.
Two other guys build the clones , and one of them emailed me and said the Photos i posted here were great for an illustration of the originals but Don didn't make it clear for some reason that thats what they were.
I told him the case and he is going to send me photos of two of his guns to clear it up until Don gets home.
The confusion is on my part as to a clone and an original , and that some of the clones guys have they call them an M63.
This guy knew the owner of the rifle in the first pic , he sent that to me to show me all the the barrels and kit possibility's that could be done to the M96 . What we have here is me messing up from the only info i could use , not any representation of Don or the others. I only wished to try and tell some guys that just because Robarms dosent sell something ,dosent mean you cant get it. Dons guns can run from $7,500.00 to $16,000.00 .
Some people feel that is to much for a clone ,but your gun is the alternative and i am sure it wasnt cheap.
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Don owns stoners , no one was swindling anyone , the you tube was only for me to see a real 63 being shot ,then Dons being shot . It and your pics were only informative ,not representative . But trying to compare pics off a link from text on a fax ,when the links were M63s was difficult. All i got in reference to the photos was a sentence describing the things he did , or had done to a 96 make them look like this rifle. My mistake , and like Don said earlier that an expert could tell the difference. I researched all of this before i bought a rifle that people couldn't get parts for , and the H&K guys told me not to worry because if Allied Armament could build reproduction guns ,anything can be done.
Some of them have old H&K rifles and know how to keep them going and it was from them i learned the 96 was a 63 look alike.
Like i said Robarms has been very cooperative with me , and their intention is to bring the 96 back ,to many people are inquiring about it and the Stoner guys who cant spend a whole lot were a bigger crowd than once thought.
Robarms told me with the rumors and bad mouth publicity on the web was a better tool than the advertising they did on the 96. Now its a house hold word, and Eugine Stoners rifle has been resurrected from near death.
Tom ,the belt feed kit that Robams built was for a gun that only resembled a 63 ,the final prototype was a working model, but a dud compared to others that had been made.
All this came to light that extreme caution was needed in representation of anything involving the M96. Robarms still owned the rights to it and its M96 name. And it was a different gun solely belonging to them.
This is why you don't see fan fair all over the place , it was guys changing there guns ,or someone elses as customizing an M96 to closely resemble a classic M23.
My thread was a screw up ,but the custom rifles do exist , and i am to new to this to be anyone trying to pull any scam as apparent by the pics.
But i have done the research on the M96 , and some on the M63 , and myself own obsolete H&K rifles .
Like my handguns ,i like steel guns ,and the M96 was the only other rifle out there with this feature.
One Company is closely watching all of this to see what Robarms was going to do ,either sell the rights ,or they are going to build their own Rifle.
And like all of the 91 knock offs out there it can be done.
Don hasn't built more than 20 rifles for people , and it is his side line hobby, and he dosent want to get in the middle of the hate mongering going on all over the web about how Robarms screwed everyone around.
Nether do the other two guys, that is none of his business and had nothing to do with that.
One of these guys is part of a Firearms Manufacturer we see everyday ,and they are batting around their own model of this rifle as something they sell besides the same old AR type everyone else is doing.
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The advertising coup of the Century , Alex Robinson in his wisdom tried a never before, untested stunt. Stop making a production rifle , offer little or no parts ,and the panic and hate from him doing that would bring out every web site troll, hate monger, i told you so, know it all out there.
It did,now people were asking who the hell is Robinson ? what is an XCR ,or an M96 ? Who was Stoner and his M63 ?
Man i want one !!!!!! . Not really, but this has happened , i own an XCR ,and only learned about it because the people who bought the SIG 556 ,were all complaining. I saw the M96 on their web page but i didn't know what it was until i went looking for another H&K 93, but i wasn't going to give 4500 for one.
And the story's about the M96 or the XCR being a POS simply haven't been the case ,or at least in the ones i own.
Also in researching the M63 i found out that the M63 carbine was customized into a prototype by Cadillac Gauge , by the request of the Navy to use the 7.62x39 (M43) round with the AK magazine .
An interest that seems to not faded into history . This is not a Robarms favoritism in my post or threads.
If i am wrong on civilian copy's ,,i am not wrong in showing links and story's on the influence today of Eugene Stoners M63 being light years ahead of its time.
This is from the thread i posted about FNH not having the SCAR all sewed up just yet.

I know that when I'm shooting at someone I want to be confident that when I hit him, he's going to go down," the Special Forces operator said during a recent interview. "That's why I like the AK and its 7.62 round. It'll drop whatever you're aiming at."

Robarms in being the only company tooled up to build anything like the like the Soldier above wants , and the DOD will not supply by playing politics is why we are seeing an increase in the orders for this Rifle.

The RAV02 ,an updated copy of the rifle prototype Eugine Stoner designed in the early 1960s.
It seems to me the US combat soldier wants weapons built for when our Troops meant to kill the enemy instead of being PC.
And if the DOD cant listen to them, and get its head out of its ass and realize the right weapon is one made like this , and not some plastic image of a Carp ,then they will get it themselves.
Alex Robinson isn't popular ,he is a nut ,he dosent kiss ass , but he listens to our Troops and is always the first to come out with something more along the lines of something they want.
And i want to know WTF is all this plastic crap being forced upon our troops for ? when they didn't care for the alloy stuff in the first place.
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Ive read an independent report on that incident ,Robarms did pay for his Medical bills ,but in a liability law suite it was dismissed with extreme Prejudice. Their were a lot more factors to that accident than updates ,or a faulty Rifle ,but they were done as a precaution.
But for a Company everyone says never makes or delivers anything they say they will , and once again we will see all kinds of copy's and chest beating over company's saying they were the first.
This is the rifle in 7.62x39 they said they would build for Civilians ,but of course never did as we will hear , or that it is a total POS when people who have one don't think so.

Its really sad that i used to read all that crap also ,and was hesitant about buying from them just like others.
Then after not experiencing the same problems they say they had , I couldn't understand what it was or why so many people hate RA ,and like the guys from Bush Master say.
They are the only American Manufacturer that seems to receive more criticism from more people than RA could have ever built guns for.
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I cant remember what the reason was for the dismissal of the case , but the failure was shown to be that this guy had removed the barrel .
You had to do that to clean the gas piston , and when he put it back in he didn't seat it down properly causing the round to not be fully chambered .
This was a case of, yes design ,but also the operator not following the procedure out lined in his owners manual .
No doubt 50 it was a bad deal for all involved , but the rifle is a different type than most shooters are used to ,and a 1919 can kill you if you don't watch what you are doing. The recall/update on the trigger group was to prevent slam fires,the one involving the bolt would prevent this from happening if the barrel wasn't seated correctly.
The story's of launching barrels were over exaggerated , the barrel didn't launch ,it fell to the ground at your feet , this was also operator error so a pin was put in to ensure the locking latch was fully down.
Like our 1919 ,any gun that can have the barrel removed needs to have the operator knowledgeable about the procedure.
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