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This was probably posted here before but it’s worth being reminded since a number of countries will enforce it beginning 1/1/08 with full implementation by 1/1/10.

Note that illicit manufacturing denotes the “manufacture or assembly of firearms, their parts and components or ammunition” and we are all likely illicitly manufacturing.

See the first link to see the countries that have signed the protocol http://www.iansa.org/un/firearms-protocol.htm. The second link is to the protocol text http://www.iansa.org/un/un-firearms-protocol.pdf

The following articles are key:

Article 3 D(ii)

Article 5 1(a)

Who you vote for is important!​

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God,, I hate the UN,,, no one could be so ignorant as to believe that words written by Men on a piece of paper will change the heart of Man.
There is a story in the latest issue of "First Freedom" about the help that some of these "State Players" offer when they come-a-callin. "State Players" that are the individuals given the blessings of the UN to be armed. The power to search out and distroy any and all armed "Non-State Players" ie, the poor shmuck villagers who are tring to "live in peace",,, the women who get raped and killed when they go hunting for firewood by these same "State Players" who are armed to the teeth,, with the blessing of the wonderful UN,,,

F&#K the UN, and ALL who SUPPORT IT! Eat a bullet, you pricks!
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