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It's an interesting dynamic. In 2009-2010, when the Dems had control of both houses and the White House, they accomplished only two major things. The first, with the help of far too many Republicans, was to continue the huge bailout programs that begain in 2008 under George W Bush. That whole "too big to fail" concept with the auto industry, the banks and investment houses, it began the new dynamic of trillion dollar annual deficits. Second, of course, was the ACA. And yet, with all that opportunity before them, the Dems got nothing else done of lasting significance. No "comprehensive immigration reform," no gun control, nothing. Fast forward to 2017, and the Republicans have control of both houses and the White House. Do we get the Wall? No. Do we get a repeal of the ACA? No. Do we get anything to REVERSE gun control, or gain pro gun things like National Reciprocity or the HPA? No. Do we get mandatory E-Verify? No. We get a decent tax cut package. Oh, and the same trillion dollar deficit spending, or close to it.

So, now that the Dems will have one house, they will push for all the stuff required to make their lunatic base happy, knowing it will all be stopped by the Republicans in the Senate. The same Republicans, who will do little for us when they have control, will stop the other side from doing anything for their base so long as they can. So both parties are good at wasting the power when they have it, and only operating at their highest level when they do NOT have full control. Are we still better with Republicans? Sure, and if anything we got a more conservative bent in the House, even though now in the minority. But it's going to be a wild ride for the next two years. The popular vote dynamic that defines the House may not work in our favor except in a Presidential election year, and that is no guarantee either. Trump was elected with a loss of 5 seats in 2016, and that is important. Those 5 seats would have been nice to have in place this month, but so far his coattails only seem to work in the Senate, where at least we seem to have netted a two seat gain. It's more important than ever for Trump and the Republicans to make the case that only chaos and riots will result from putting Dems in power again, while making the economy and job numbers so strong in the next two years that more districts will turn back to Republican and reelect the President. Otherwise, the legislation posted here will become reality. If the Senate and House Republicans fail to stand out in the coming term, look for a real bloodbath in 2020.
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