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Transit case for RIA

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Here are some pictures of the RIA transit case I built. Hope I posted this in the correct forum. The stencils I made for it took the longest amount of time.

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Transit chest

Best I can figure out there were no transit chests The factory shipped them in a wooden box, that was discarded when issued to troops. I saw a FA 1919 in a wooden crate purportedly the original shipping container this example came back to the US pre 86 from Argentina or Brazil I forget what the owner stated. Somewhere along the line someone added hinges and a hasp, but it was just a wooden crate painted park bench green looked very rough. There were canvas cases, but no transit chest.

Here in Illinois, I have to transport a firearm in a case, unloaded. So I made a case one thing leads to another now the thing weighs about 60 lbs! what with all the crap in it. Last thing I need is some 25 year old cop to see the 1919 in the back of my Jeep. Probably take a week to 'splain what it was.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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