Trijicon TA648MGO-M2 (100015) w/ green horseshoe dot reticle. GDI AW6-MGOM quick attach mount, Tenebraex 6x48 MD-ARD, Tenebraex flip caps, soft case, manual and lens brush. I bought as an unfired demo unit a couple of years ago just never got around to using it. A few slight marks from handling/mounting and and some scuffs on GDI screws from someone letting screw driver slip. If you want to run an optic on your .50, you won't find a better deal on a premium unit designed specifically for the full auto M2HB. Of course you'll need a picatinny base. Full specs - Trijicon ACOG® 6x48 Riflescope - .50 BMG M2 | Trijicon®. $1625 shipped/insured.

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