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My tripod is an M2 original. It has been painted OD several times judging from the colors visible. I am refinishing the metal and looking for advice.

The working parts of the tripod do not have paint and do not seem to ever have been painted. These are the transverse bar and the parts of the leg that the sliders operate on. All other parts including the pintle bearing have paint on them. The transverse bar is a black chemical finish that I intent to leave as is.

Question is painting the slide sections parts of the legs. I see that paint on that section of the leg might be a problem with wear. I could clean up the surface and cold blue to a very dark color to match the transverse bar.

I understand that some, if not all, had as original finish was some dark chemical finish, possibly phosphate or bluing. I have not found a site that can state with authority what the original issue finish was.

Looking for opinions and advice. Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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