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TURKISH SURPLUS 30-06- Anyone have any feedback on this?

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I have access to 25 cases of this ammo and was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback. Would be great to shoot in the 1919 if its safe and reliable.

Late 1960's - Late 1970's production, Brass Case, Lead Core FMJBT, 4rd 1919 Links, 400rd Case, Non-Corrosive- this info came from the seller.

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I bought 400 rounds from Centerfire Systems this winter and the ammo has been great! No cracked necks or loose bullets. No case separation or cracks ect. Reloadable brass. In my opinion it’s good to go!
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Interesting. Has anyone chronographed a few rounds to see how fast it's running?
As soon as I saw "Turkish ammo" I assumed the worst, but the ammo in your pics and the description sounds promising.
There was a year or two that had some issues, I posted about it a while back. Will search. All of it I've shot has been fine.
Can't find the post but if my memory is right it was 64-65 the ammo I have is 67 and haven't had any issues
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This is how I received mine when I did and how some of the cases look after being shot. As I said it’s good stuff, the crimp is suuuuuper tight on the primers but it’s good reloadable brass
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I also bough a bunch in m1 garand cups. With similar good results in my garand.
I had a couple of cases of late 60s MKE that I ran through my 1919, worked great.
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