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An old prospector walks his tired old

mule into a western town one day -- He'd been out in the desert for

about six months without a drop of whiskey. He walked up to the first

saloon he came to and tied his old mule to the hitch rail As he stood

there brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young

gunslinger walked out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle

of whiskey in the other. The young gun slinger looked at the old man and

laughed, saying, "Hey old man, have you ever danced?" The old man looked

up at the gunslinger and said, "No, I never did dance. I just never

wanted to." A crowd had gathered by then and the gunslinger said, "Well,

you old fool, you're gonna' dance now," and started shooting at the old

man's feet. The old prospector was hopping a round and everybody was

laughing. When the gunslinger fired his last bullet, he holstered his

gun and turned around to go back into the saloon. The old man reached up

on the mule, drew his shotgun, and pulled both hammers back making a

double clicking sound The gunslinger heard the sound and everything got

quiet. The crowd watched as the gunslinger slowly turned around looking

down both barrels of the shotgun. The old man asked, "Did you ever kiss

a mule's ass ?" The gunslinger swallowed hard and said, "No. But I've

always wanted to."

The lessons from this story are:

1. Don't waste ammunition.

2. Don't mess with old guys.

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An old prospector rides his old smelly mule into town and dismounts in front of a saloon. He ties up his mule to the hitching post and knocks the trail dust off his clothes with his old battered hat. He then proceeds to the back of his trusty mule, lifts it's tail and kisses the mule directly on it's ass hole.The Sheriff who had been watching this stranger from the start can't believe his eyes. He walks over to the old prospector and asks, "Did you just do what I think you did?"The prospector replied, "Well, er, I guess I did."The Sheriff then asked him, "Why on God's good earth did you do that?"The prospector answered," Well Sheriff I've been out in the desert in the hot sun for weeks now. I've got a mighty powerfull case of chapped lips. It keeps me from licking them."Moral of the story: there is none it's just a nasty joke. ;)

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FUNNY but that is just sick.

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No smilies!? :) Dag-gone!

Carry On!

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This old guy is outside his house trimming his hedge when he see's a slow procession coming his way. The first hearst passes him, then the second, followed by a guy walking behind with his dog. And he then notices a line of 20 or so other guys walking behind the guy with the dog..
Curious, he walks over to the guy walking the dog. He says he is is sorry for his loss, but just can't understand the 2 hearsts and him walking his dog behind, with all the other guys.
Well, the guy replies;
In the first hearst, is my wife.
In the second hearst is my mother in law.
And this dog killed 'em both.
Ok, the guy thinks for a minute.. and ask's, can I borrow the dog?

The guy replies:
Well, yes you can, but get in line with the other guys! :eek:

I prolly messed that joke up, but you get the jist. ;)
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