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U.s. Wwii Equipment Cover (canvas & Leather)

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This is not mine but I thought someone here would like to see it. I believe it is for the 1917 watercooled machinegun. I don't have one so I won't buy it.
There was one earlier that sold for 27.00 but this one looks to be in better condition of that one.

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This cover is indeed for the M1917A1 Browning. He doesn't show it but its labled Cover, Machine Gun, M7. I have several for my weapons and the only complaint I have on these NOS covers are they have dried out and shrunk just enough that they are hard to get on over the handle. I have wrapped a Browning in plastic and soaked the cover and streched it the half inch it needed. Then just try and not let it get wet again. Gun Parts had these cheap for a long time.... I think demand has drained them.
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