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UGGGH!! Loading These Belts Are A Pain

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Well, my 1919 arrived a couple of days ago and I am loading my very first cloth belt. I am definitely gonna get a loader of some kind!
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I agree;; If U find a source to get one let me Know:))
PS.. If U get some wolf ammo its coated and slides in better/but i dont know the whole skinny on using it as it is a steel cartridge not brass/as far as wear and tear on ur nice piece.
Chewy, I will be keeping my eyes open for something affordable or buildable. if i find something I will let you know.

I loaded about 50 rounds into the new belt yesterday evening and my fingers are feeling it today (sorry to be a whiner). I can't wait to shoot this thing. And yes I will be checking the headspace closely.
Single round belt loader

Welcome to the addiction Lawmax. I also run belts on my 1919's and purchased a single round belt loader from JJ Custom. Take a look at www.jjcustom.net for pix and prices. He makes a great product at a reasonable price.

I load my own ammo on a Dillon press and use Dillon case lube. That lube appears to be lanolin suspended in rubbing alcohol. I leave it on the finished rounds, which seems to make them slide into the belts a bit easier.

I agree with "xdevildog" about the Single Round Belt Loader manufactured by J J Custom. James does a superb job with these and he also has a new belt pre-stretch accessory that comes with the loader. The pre-stretch piece makes it a lot easier to load new belts.

I would lie to have an original loader, but I can't justify the price of $1K-1.2K for one. Yea, the Single Round Belt Loader is slower, but a lot cheaper. You won't be dissapointed with one.

By the way, for $12, get one of the Headspace Adjusting Tools too. This tool really makes adjusting the barrel a lot easier.
Wow the JJ custom loader and tools look great.
They are definitely on the "to buy" list.
Thanks for the information all.:)
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