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Uh, did I step in something?

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Well, I tested it and it worked better than I had expected. I started on the higest governor setting and backed down until it would not misfire. We counted 605 rounds a minute. Dad said we could tinker with the rifle and perhaps go a little faster, but I am happy with it right there. The outfit I got this from does not want any photos posted until thier patent comes through. But during the calibration and set up I was able to see how this thing works. It is pretty amazing. A folding handle has an 18 position deadman clutch. When engaged, it drives a shaft with 7 lobe cam with floating lobes that activate a roller on the top of the butterfly. At the other end of the shaft is a tiny planetary gearbox driving an adjustable flyball governor. There is also a roller ramp bearing/clutch that prevents the spinning governor from continuing shaft rotation after the cranking stops. The whole thing is built with M2HB grips, frames and butterfly. The handle folds out of the way for single shot use with the butterfly. The only modification to my rifle was to drill a small hole through the radius in the trigger. A friend that has a .50 cal said it's identical to another crank unit he saw except the governor. I took this to work, (Grumman Aerospace) and the engineers got all gooey over it. The said no way could it be made for less than 15K, but I understand it will be sold for $1850.
The maker said he will introduce this thing at Knob Creek in April.

I'm new to posting on this site and I was impressed by the rapid response to my question. But I'm a little bewildered by the rest of the stuff you guys posted. Can someone bring me up to speed?

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What Kabar Said :D

The sad part is to have a new member come here, excited about our hobby, and end up with the Feeling that they've Steped in Something..

BTW,,,VAGunner Welcome Aboard......Lou
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