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Unusual Garand For Sale

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This is a Garand I had put together by an armorer friend of mine. He has lots of experience with Garands and M1As and has all the correct tools.

It consists of a CMP garand receiver (with paperwork) fitted with a 7.62x51 NATO (.308) Italian government modified barrel, operating rod and stock. The Italians shortened the barrel and operating rod by 1/2" and rechambered for 7.62x51 NATO. The stock and rear hand guard are new and also shortened by 1/2".

All the parts look virtually new, and I had the receiver professionally blasted and re-Parkerized by Entreprise Arms in Irwindale.

Muzzle measures out to a 1 and the throat erosion is a 2. Most of the parts are marked SA including the barrel, except for the operating rod which is marked PB (which may have been Italian manufactured). The receiver is also Springfield Armory serial number 2646XXX.

The stock is unmarked walnut and is a very tight fit with the receiver.

This came from my private collection and I'm not sure what it is worth, but I'm asking $950 for now. Compare this to those new manufacture cast receiver rifles or the .30-06 to .308 conversions with the chamber spacers that reportedly fall out.

This rifle has never even been fired since it was assembled!

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I just read in the latest issue of SGN someone is selling all of the afore mentioned parts to do this conversion for about $250.
Sarco has the barrel for $125 I think, not sure about the operating rod. Then you need the Garand to go with it.
just a insight, but if this was never fired how do you know it functions? I'm not saying that it won't.........but all gunsmiths that I know, always test fire the rifles they build before sending it to the customer. with factory built guns, there is a warranty on those.
The term "Unfired" generally means that the weapon has not been fired since it was built, test-fired by the manufacturer and/or proofed.
Your op-rod is definately EYEtalian -- "Peanut Butter," also known as Pietro Berettta.
That 'splains it! Thanks.
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