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I have to let my toy go, my wife has said her and the kid or the gun. She has put up with the rebuild of my 1944 MB but I guess this was "a gun too far" for her. Well not to mention we need the money. SO my loss will be your gain. I am in the process of writing everything up and will post in the message by tonight. I will be selling along with this, three scopes to complete 1 missing its mount, 1 dated 1941 with the original leather scope lens cover, 5 Complete rounds, 1 M51 Drill, 1M74, 1 M13, 1 HE impact (forgot the number) and one original formally live APC w/tracer. All rounds are complete and the projectiles were never fired. Just demilled, the HE round is missing its bottom cap to the projectile. The drill round, M13 is in excellent shape with 95% of its oriignal paint and 100% of the original stencil on it.

Also 1 original manual dated 1942 FM 23-70. 1 FM 30-42 MI Id of foreign armored vehicles.. German, Japanese, Russian, Italian and French.

A complete copy of all the pictures I have accumlated over the past three years on the M3 AT Gun, a set of blue prints I bought from Bill Eldred, Five copies of 8X10 pictures from WWII showing the AT Gun in action. And anything else I can remember later on for display.

Oh and two faux rammer rods.

And last but not least you will be buying 1 original US M3 37MM AT Gun axle complete with hubs and hinges. I have already taken apart the axles and started to restore them, I will reassemble them if you like. AND 1 complete with lots of extras! Mac Replica's US M3 37 MM AT Gun kit. Along with all the blue prints and instructions on building this great gun. All the major parts have been purchased. I had an OEM set of trail legs made locally! These are an exact match to the originals. They are just spot welded together for now, these were bent to size on a custom machine here in Lawton. The Shoulder guard bar is already bent and welded in place, the bracket is welded and ready to go. The trail arms are ready to have the accessories put on them and the hinges for the pintle bar. The pintle bar is almost complet. I have three of the six holes drilled and the other two pilot holes marked for the pintle and the trail arms. I have purchased all the hardware you will need to get the kit together say for a few nuts and bolts. I have even found massive one inch dia. bolts with the proper castle nuts for the cotter pins to prevent them from backing off on you. The gun sheild has the camo bar mounted with the spacers. The Tool box has already been folded and is ready to be welded. I mean I have over 14 hours into this already. Alot of the hard work of tracking down parts buying the additional steel you will need is arlready done! This is now a true out of the box kit ready to be assmebled and welded. I have also purchased additional parts that were to help augment some of the faux parts. The breach handle is a large steel shaft angled out it will make the perfect breach handle. Also this kit will come with two well used M38 rims and tires that I have use in the past to roll the axle around in my garage. If I did not need the money not to mention save face with my wife I would not be selling this. I have worked hard over the past two years getting these little parts and accessories together to make a great kit. Now my loss is your gain. I will have a picture package available for you guys to check out. Oh yeah as I said before all the additional steel you would have needed is there already. It is ready to be put together. I will ensure that I label all for the buyer so that he knows what he has. I am in Lawton, OK. I will travel 200 miles one way to deliver this to you for a fee of $100. This will cover my gas thats all. If you live farther we can arrange something. To have this beast shipped would be around $800.00 with all the material and extras I have with it. So I am hoping someone out here in the midwest will want it. Now for the gut wrenching price.. I have over $3500 in this total with everything I have already listed (Not counting shipping I paid). I am selling it all for $3000.00. You do not need alot of experience to do this type of job. The only part I would have welded professionally are the hinges for the trail arms,since this will have a lot of weight a bumps to it while towing it. Please no tire kickers, if you are serious about this then email me directly please. My email is [email protected] If email is not enough email me with your phone number and we can talk about it. As of today I have decided to actually consider driving 600 miles to drop this off at your location. Of course gas reimbursement is always welcomed.

I appreciate everyones help out there, but it was not meant to be.... for NOW. Some day I will get another..... thanks again to everyone out for your help and time when I was getting my stuff together for this.

All the best to you and yours,

Dustin in Oklahoma


This is ready to be assembled kit. I just counted last night, you will only need to buy 12 more bolts, nuts and washers. ALl the brackets are there and everything that you will need to make this a complete gun including the FAUX breach assembly. If you can weld two pieces of metal together then you can build this kit.
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