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guy,s , especially the one,s who i met and talked to at the creek, some of you talked about making a trip overseas
i,m allreaddy discussing this with a few members

i can arrange visits to some of the larger dealers i know, 2 in germany, one in belgium
but it would be nice to take you all to the large CINEY show also, infact the biggest military/gun show on the european mainland
i happend to run into a nice compilation movie some visitor from the 2018 april show put online
this is just to give you an idee, it does not show it all, but it gives a good impression
there is one very large building, the main knob vreek building fit,s in 4 times i guess
and there is a second building, next to the first one, there are also many people selling outdoors.
a vist to the famous dutch overloon museum is also nice to do, it,s in the backyard of the " a bridge to far battle" close to arnhem,
biggest thing would be planning and to find out what dates would be the best also
to be continued....... john
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