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USGI A6 bipod, not mine

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I noticed what appears to be 2 USGI bipods for the A6 on gunbroker if anyone is interested, don't know anything about the seller or the condition but they appear to complete.

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Not to pop your bubble-- But !!!!

I have a pair or original 1919A6 bipods and actually these on gunbroker look ok if they can be guarenteed as real-- I however for a couple reasons believe that the head is a repro-- My originals are both in beat up condition and can be authenicated 1000% but the one's on gunbroker appear to have a couple casting marks that my originals do not have I hope not to stir a Sh**Storm but that is how they look to me.I just want to warn others that the head may be a re-pop--- E-mail me directly for the pictures of my originals and you can judge for yourself
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