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More stuff from the treasure trove. Pedestal mounts for the MGs, in really nice shape. All pins, bolts etc are present. Prices plus shipping, these are heavy so they will go ground for actual cost. If you send me your address I can get a quote with my Fed Ex account, or if you want you can send shipping label on your account.

M142 Cradles for the M60. these are newer style with the fold down can holder, travel locks $335 ea
Scale model Metal Tool accessory Machine Auto part Carburetor Machine Tool accessory Auto part

M18 50 BMG cradle - looks like the old WWII type - has a data plate installed and painted over, shows MK 18 Mod 3. includes the ammo tray. $440
Sewing machine Machine Machine tool Tool Tool and cutter grinder Machine Gun Trigger

50 cal Equilibrator cradles - Have two - $400 ea

Machine tool Machine Tool Vise Auto part Machine Auto part
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