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Using heavily used barrels

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Is there any problem using a barrel with an eroded throat, basically a shot to death barrel. Just for going to MG shoots, i'm really not that worried about accuracy as long as I can hit a propane tank at a few hundred yards. I'm more worried about the safety of me and my gun and anyone around. I really don't see any need to use up an otherwise good barrel just for blasting.
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Depends on the gun.

My full auto 1919 starts hiccuping when the barrel gets eroded enough to get blow by. Not enough back pressure is created to cycle the action reliably. I was a BulletFest with my 1919 fitted with a converted MG34 barrel that was so wasted I could not hit a riding lawn mower at 100 yards so if you have a worn barrel, a propane tank at 200 is pretty much not going to happen.

I don't think it is much of a safety issue as long as the barrel will still headspace.
Wouldn't a bullet just about have to be able to be pushed through in order for blow-by to be a problem? My bad ones aren't that bad, just a lot of TE.
Worn Barrel:

If you can use 308, SARCO (did) have some rusty but usable barrels for about $15.00 bucks apiece!!
I Will gladly take any 8mm barrels for the 1919A4, that you may feel are unsafe. Email me with a price of what you want for it, them, !?!?!?:D :D
dellque said:
If you can use 308, SARCO (did) have some rusty but usable barrels for about $15.00 bucks apiece!!

The thing about rust is.....It comes right off with a sand blaster. But fortunately, I have all the $15 barrels I need.
I have barrels i can drop a bullet threw and it never touch the sides as it passes threw to the other end. It works just fine, cant hit anything with it but for just blastin FA its good.
Double8 check you PM !!!
Me Too

I've got them in 308 and 8mm. Ya can drop a projo through both and they still cycle fine. :p
Well I sure can't drop a bullet through my worst one, so I guess I know what my next bullet hose will be.
Heh, was about to say I've got one of those free-fall barrels too. Very loud, with some huge flashs in the full length barrels. Good for hosing.
I just noticed that my most worn barrel is about .050" (1/20th) of an inch shorter than all the others. The difference seems to be at the mouth of the chamber, where the bolt contacts barrel. Is this going to be any problem?
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